IIM is the first new institute in the field of insurance and management who deliver hands-on practice learning environment that leads directly to careers. It’s initiative of IIMEDU LTD (incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by  shares,and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales). Institute of Insurance and Management (IIM) offers online and offline mode of courses and services.

We believe in change and development of talent into success in the progressively diverse international community. The Institute of Insurance and Management (IIM) is the only professional institute focused on both insurance and business management. Our aim is to work closely with the corporate world and academic institutions to produce professionals and leaders who can be dynamic in the international arena. Learners at IIM can not only masters in high professional practical ability courses but also, they feel strong sense of enhancement in their practical knowledge and will developed their strong base.

IIM helps learners and other academic organizations who are truly engaged in the learning and IIM helps people at the start of their career journey e.g. students, recent graduates or new managers to support them in their career progression.

We work closely with top leaders from industry and academic specialists to help them in their performance improvement through our programs and business solutions.

IIM are in a great position to offer world-class innovative courses and services at really nominal cost, making learning accessible to all.

Our mission is to encourage and implement best international standards for delivery of our courses and providing professional services to the society at large.