Institute of Insurance and Management is a virtual place of blending pattern of studies in the field of insurance and management with rapid changes according to the demand in the competitive market. Challenging philosophies exist among new synergies.

In societies where there are regions of great prosperity and appalling poverty, our objectives are to empower learners, industry, and development of leaders to pledge for sustainable society, political, technological, and economic development. To achieve this, the Institute with a strong concentration on insurance and management specifically for the learners and industry as whole from every societies.

Our faculty fraternity, learners, teaching materials, and research are not concentrated for any regions. Our programs and training are designed for everyone needs, our approach in harmony to IIM management and responsive to any peculiar global issues.

Learners come to IIM because of the Institute’s experienced leaderships including board of governors, management team and instructors of the courses in imparting and enhancing knowledge and skills to develop compassion to the diverse cultures and belief systems in the society.

We have established ourselves as the source of premier human resource development for the private and public sectors in the global markets.

Business and development management at the Institute are exemplified by the following:


Our diverse Board of Governors and Management Team are composed of prominent leaders and academics who share a deep commitment to the development of society and its people.


Our learners are multinational and multicultural, and there is no restrictions of region or religion.


Our learners can be accessing our institute from any place and any time and become a part of the socially responsible society.


Our programs, courses, and teaching materials have been developed for the conditions and needs of both private and public global enterprises and are offered globally and not restricted to any location.


Our academically and professionally qualified faculty have a broad global outlook and extensive experience in and knowledge of global management and practices. Our approach is practitioner-oriented, and our relationships with organizations all over the world are fundamental to the development and enhancement of our programs and activities. IIMEdu aims is to create innovative insurance and management programs and have established relationships with key academic institutions and development organizations all over the world.


Our research and development unit of institute are in continuous touch with the persons from private sector, government, and civil society and synergize with them for the development of new ideas and programs. We draw support from the globally in terms of financial contributions and participation by the management and business community from society for the IIMEdu’s teaching and research activities.


Our programs and professional courses are designed for practical application in the real world. To advance this objective, we use the case method as a primary mode of teaching and learning.  The method also encourages lively discussions and interactions between learners and instructors and if needed between all three participants like learners, instructor and industry professionals, resulting in a healthy and active learning environment.